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A thousand and more folk happenings


Narni Ring Race Terni Cantamaggio
The Ring Race - Narni The "Cantamaggio" - Terni

A land that is so rich in history and tradition necessarily gives much importance to all the feasts and cultural happenings that remind of the common roots of local inhabitants by telling the history of their specific cultural identity. Many traditional and religious feasts as well as many village festivals take place regularly in the province of Terni. The key-feature of all these happenings is the enthusiastic participation of those who animate them as well as those who are simple bystanders.
Terni: feasts in St.Valentine’s honour and the “Cantamaggio” festival
Narni: the “Corsa all’Anello” contest
Orvieto: the “Corpus Domini”, the “Palombella” festival and the “Palio dell’Oca”
San Gemini: the “Giostra dell’Arme” contest
Amelia: the “Palio dei Colombi”
Allerona: “Pugnaloni” festival
Monteleone d’Orvieto: the “Palio del Giglio”
Ferentillo: “Le Rocche raccontano” – Tales from the fortresses
Fabro: the “Arrancata” festival
Stroncone: the “Berretta” contest
Piediluco: the “Festa delle Acque” – The Feast of Water


And much more.
Theatre seasons, musical events (among the most important ones: Terni in Jazz, Umbria Jazz Winter, German Lieder, Casagrande contest, Ephebia rock festival), conferences, contests, exhibitions and shows.

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