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National Archaeological Museum Germanico Amelia

Fresco of Golini tombs National Archaeological Museum
In the National Archaeological Museum are many interesting exhibits, such as vases, furnishings, suits of armour, grave goods and, above all, the reconstruction of Porano tombs with the frescoes that had been detached.

The statue of Germanico Archaeological Museum of Amelia
It is a stately bronze statue, one of the major works of Roman sculpture.

museums in the province of Terni

In the province of Terni there are numerous museums. A large amount of documentation that informs the visitor about the history and culture of past civilisations, and about the local artistic production.

The most important ones are: “Claudio Faina” museum, the Archaeological Museum of Orvieto, the “Opera del Duomo” museum in Orvieto and the Archaeological Museum of Amelia. And also “Emilio Greco” museum in Orvieto, the Archaeological Museum in Terni, the “Antiquarium” in Baschi, the “Antiquarium” in Tenaglie and other permanent exhibitions that provide information about local history. In Alviano the Mercenary Captains’ Historical Museum has been recently established.

As for collections of paintings, the most important ones are the “Pinacoteca” in Terni and the one in Narni, the “Quadreria” (a gallery of paintings) located inside the Archaeological Museum of Amelia and the collection of the “Opera del Duomo” museum in Orvieto.

Not to be missed:
the Museum of Country People Culture in Castel dell’Aquila, in Alviano, in Tenaglie and in Ferentillo.
The volcanological museum in San Venanzo, which tells the geological history of this territory and that boasts an interesting collection of fossils and minerals found in this area. In this museum, the so-called “Venanzite” is displayed, a rare effusive rock coming from the local volcanic cones.

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