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In the Nera valley
In the province of Terni it is possible to do several sport activities in an intact natural environment.
This area is, indeed, very rich in mountains, valleys and rivers which are the ideal places to do many “ordinary” and extreme sports.
The major sport attractions
Rafting along the Nera river and at Marmore waterfall
Canoeing along the Nera river, at Piediluco lake and at Corbara lake
Canyoning along the Nera river and at Prodo ravine
Rock climbing and rock climbing school in Arrone and Ferentillo
Bungee jumping at the Canale bridge between Arrone and Polino
Caving in Cesi, at Marmore waterfall and in Titignano and Parrano caves
Bird watching at Alviano oasis and in the Serra valley
In Piediluco is the seat of the “Centro remiero” that organises national and international rowing contests. Among the most interesting happenings is the “Memorial Paolo D’Aloja”
At Villa Paolina in Porano national and international horse races take place regularly.
The area also boasts several well equipped and signposted paths for trekking, horse riding and mountain biking that pass through lovely natural resorts and sites of archaeological interest.


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